• Are you having trouble viewing this website?

    The website does not display well in Internet Explorer Compatibility View. The Select a School menu does not work. The Families, Staff and Community tabs are stacked vertically rather than lined up horizontally as they should appear. There may be a dark line through the slideshow. 

RSD website
  •  So how did Internet Explorer get into this view on my computer? The first time you open Internet Explorer the Set up box appears and most people will check "Use recommended security, privacy and compatibility settings" rather than "Don't use recommended settings."  Unfortunately Technology Services can't push out a fix to change the recommended settings. It is part of the individual user profile on each computer.

  • The solution is to uncheck Display intranet sites in Compatibility View in IE Compatibility View settings or use another browser. Compatibility View was developed in 2009 for websites created for IE 6 and IE 7. Our website is coded for IE 9 and above. The Renton School District uses IE 11. Viewers not on our network see the website correctly even if this box is checked as rentonschools is not part of their intranet.

    Sites you should have in Compatibility View are:

    • wednet.edu for SharePoint
    • wa-k12.net for Skyward

    Both were developed according to older web standards.  Starting with IE 8, Microsoft adopted stricter adherence to global standards. Thus some older web sites break in newer browsers and require Compatibility View.   SharePoint and Skyward are two such sites.

    The example below shows how to correct Compatibility View. First click the Tools icon in the upper right corner of Internet Explorer, then select Compatibility View settings. Next click on the checkmark next to Display intranet sites in Compatibility View to clear it - this box should be unchecked. Do check Use Microsoft compatibility lists. Then add SharePoint and Skyward. In the example, I have opened an Altiris helpdesk ticket and will click Add so that the URL is added to the list. The web page I have open will automatically be listed in the Add this website: box. Do not list rentonschools.us in Compatibility View or check Display intranet sites in Compatibility View. Contact the Helpdesk, x4-HELP or helpdesk@rentonschools.us if you need assistance.

Compatibility View Settings