Success Story: Lakeridge Elementary School

  • School District: Renton
    School Location: Unincorporated King County
    Began participating in the Green Schools Program: September 2010
    Level One of the Green Schools Program: May 2011 


    Waste Reduction and Recycling

    • Lakeridge Elementary more than doubled its recycling rate from 14 percent to 31 percent.
    • To achieve this improvement, the school improved classroom recycling and initiated lunchroom milk carton recycling. Lakeridge also continued to recycle in the staff lounge and office.
    • School staff placed recycling stickers that list what can and can’t be recycled on classroom and lunchroom recycling containers.
    • A student green team was started with student representatives that make daily rounds to remove recycled paper from the classrooms. These students are instrumental in helping out in the lunchroom, showing other students how to empty leftover milk before recycling the container.
    • Lakeridge students attended training to maintain the lunchroom recycling program and have taken ownership by training other students.



    • Lakeridge staff members Dave Bonham and Katie Cobb received King County Earth Hero at School awards in April 2011 for helping to set up a recycling program and teaching students to run the recycling stations in a way that is sustainable long-term.



    “I am grateful for the progress we have made here at Lakeridge and for the students and staff that have made this possible. I am also excited at the possibilities for future improvements as we look at becoming a Level Two Green School.” — Terrance Carlisle, teacher 

    Earth Heroes at Lakeridge
    Earth Heroes at Lakeridge School

    Terrance Carlisle accepts the King County award in April 2011 on behalf of staff members Dave Bonham and Katie Cob.