Success Story: Tiffany Park

  • School District: Renton
    School Location: Renton
    Began participating in the Green Schools Program: September 2013
    Level One of the Green Schools Program: May 2014 

    Waste Reduction and Recycling (Level One)

    • Tiffany Park Elementary School increased its recycling rate from 28 percent to 38 percent.
    • The school began collecting recyclable materials in its lunchroom during 2013-14.
    • Recycling tips and information were shared in morning announcements.
    • In 2013, the school received a King County Green Schools assembly program on waste reduction and recycling.
    • G.O.O.S. (Good on One Side) boxes were made available to classrooms to collect paper used on one side, allowing students and staff to reduce waste by using paper more efficiently.
    • Paper notices sent home were often printed on half-sheets of paper instead of full sheets.
    • Staff members reduced paper use by sending out newsletters and announcements electronically or via intercom. Teachers also communicated with parents via email instead of paper whenever possible.
    • A lunchroom share table was set up for unwanted and unopened items to be redistributed.
    • The school reduced waste by using durable trays and bulk condiment dispensers in the lunchroom.
    • Twenty-six students in grades two through five were selected to participate in the school’s Green Team.
    • A representative from the King County Green Schools Program trained Green Team students as cafeteria recycling station monitors to ensure proper recycling and waste disposal.
    • Student Green Team members wore King County Green Team aprons to identify themselves as volunteer recycling station monitors.
    • Recycling stickers listing what can and can’t be recycled were placed on all classroom, office, and cafeteria recycling containers.
    • In the lunchroom, the school collected empty CapriSun pouches separately and sent them to TerraCycle, a company that uses the pouches to make backpacks and other products.
    • Head cook Tara Hester worked with students to collect, rinse, and recycle empty plastic applesauce cups from the cafeteria.
    • Clear bags are used to line cafeteria recycling containers to ensure that materials are recycled at the recycling center.

    For more information about the school’s conservation achievements and participation in the Green Schools Program, contact:
    Janie Lambert, teacher
    John Paul, teacher
    Jonathan Stine, program manager, district Energy Management Office
    Green Team monitor schedule & aprons   

     Green Team encouraging recycling


    Green Team lunch monitor schedule & King County Green Team aprons in school cafeteria


    Green Team poster encouraging students and staff to recycle