Success Story: McKnight Middle School

  • School District: Renton
    School Location: City of Renton
    Began participating in the Green Schools Program: September 2010
    Level One of the Green Schools Program: May 2011 


    Waste Reduction and Recycling


    • McKnight Middle School increased its recycling rate from 15 percent to 30 percent.
    • The school improved its classroom recycling collection process, and students presented in every class about the new recycling system.
    • Students organized a zero-waste lunch challenge.
    • The school began to recycle bottles and cans in its lunchroom.
    • For the school’s culture night, students made art out of recyclable materials.
    • Students wrote letters to district officials about starting collection of compostable materials.


    Other Conservation Actions

    • Students wrote letters to district officials to advocate for healthier lunches and for roof-top hydro- electric systems.
    • Students made signs to educate the student body and visitors about McKnight’s mini-wetland.
    • Students identified native plants and made interpretive signs for the native plant sanctuary.
    • Students constructed a community garden.




    “The King County Green Schools Program provided organization and tools that empowered McKnight’s students to step up and take responsibility for increasing McKnight’s recycling rate.” – Carlie Jonas, teacher


    For more information about the school's conservation achievements and participation in the Green Schools Program, contact:

    Mickie Pemberton, vice principal
     KCGS McKnight
    Knights help with recycling in all their classrooms.