Is Renton right for you?

  • What kind of person will be most successful in Renton schools? One who considers their job to be a mission, who wants to work with highly diverse groups of students, who is determined that every child will achieve his or her potential—and who loves being part of a successful team.
    Your career at Renton will involve hard work, days that are sometimes tough, and students who come from challenging backgrounds. At the same time, you’ll have the support of talented colleagues, committed leaders, and a community that stands behind its schools. We celebrate successes far and wide.
    Our approach to education involves rigor, relevance and relationships:
    Rigor – Renton has adopted a rigorous, research-based curriculum that has proven itself over time. The district’s Vision of Instruction framework gives teachers a wide array of tools and strategies. Teaching at Renton involves frequent collaboration with colleagues and coaches, daily reflection on what did and didn’t work well, and continuously developing your teaching skills. You’ll have plenty of company in your classroom—from student teachers to the superintendent!—all to help you become better and to learn from you.
    Relevance – Why am I learning this? Why do I care? How does this apply to my world? We all know the questions students ask. At Renton, we focus on relevance.  We help students make real-world connections between their lessons and their futures. Every activity has a learning objective, which is posted in the classroom. The result: More active participation and student engagement.
    Relationships – Success at Renton rests on relationships—inside and outside of the classroom. In most cases, relationships with students are rich and rewarding. You’ll have close relationships with colleagues, enabling you to collaborate and be part of a team instead of flying solo. Many others will be part of your Renton network—parents, volunteers, administrators, instructional coaches, and members of the community. All will help create a high-trust classroom environment, where everyone performs to their potential.
    The key characteristics for thriving in Renton:
    • Passion for learning and for kids
    • Desire to make a real difference
    • Willingness to do whatever it takes to help your students succeed
    • Solid foundation of teaching strategies—and the ability to learn new ones
    • Openness to ideas from others
    • Capacity to be a team member
    • Determination to do an even better job tomorrow