• Two important school funding measures for Renton School District students, teachers and education on February 9, 2016 ballot

    (Ballots in homes by mid- Jan.)

    Citizens in the Renton School District will vote on two separate but equally-important funding measures to support student learning on February 9, 2016. It is estimated that, with approval of the two-item package, tax-rates will be the same in 2017 and beyond as they are in 2016.

    • Replacement Educational Programs, Maintenance and Operations Levy provides more than 26 cents of every dollar spent in classrooms, for student learning, teacher training and other district operations each year. The EM&O levy will renew the district’s current four-year levy, which expires in 2016. Voter approval is required to maintain this source of funding, which contributes to classroom materials, textbooks, teacher salaries, support staff, building maintenance, school bus transportation, school lunches, athletics and more. This is not a new tax: It replaces a measure that expires in 2016.
    • Building for a Lifetime of Learning Capital Levy to Construct and Renovate School Facilities will raise $155.5 million to build a much-needed new elementary school to accommodate the growth at all elementary schools throughout the district. The new elementary school will be built on property currently owned by the district at the site of Sartori Education Center, 315 Garden Ave, North, Renton. The capital levy measure will also finance improvements and renovations to many existing schools throughout the district such as roof, floors and boiler replacements; improvements in windows and classroom climate controls; playground and parking lot repairs, and much more (see a list of school building improvements here). This measure will cost taxpayers the same amount of tax per/$1,000 of assessed property value as they will pay in 2016.

    The capital facilities levy will also include funding for the District's comprehensive Technology Plan to continue to provide funding to implement the district’s long-term technology plan. This plan is designed to maintain and update technology tools and software used by students, teachers and support staff in every classroom and school. The technology supported by this measure supports and strengthens student achievement, and works to operate a large technology-dependent system efficiently. This is not a new tax. It replaces a measure that expires in 2016.

    What will be my total tax rate?

    The total tax rate for both measures, including the Replacement Educational Programs, Maintenance & Operations Levy, and the School Construction Capital Facilities Levy (which includes the comprehensive Technology Plan), will be:

    tax rate chart

    Senior citizens (age 61+), disabled individuals, and some veterans, may be eligible for a residential property tax exemption. To find out more, visit the King County Assessor’s Office web site, or call 206-296-3920.