Enrollment in ELL

    1. The student registers at his or her school, filling out the Home Language Survey http://www.k12.wa.us/MigrantBilingual/pubdocs/HLS/HLSEnglish.pdf
    2. The Home Language Survey inquires if a language other than English is mostly spoken by the student at home (question #3) or if a language other than English was the student’s first language (question #2).
    3.  If the answers to either question #2 or #3 are a language other than English, or English AND another language, the student will be given an ELL placement test to determine the level of his or her English proficiency. Students who score with limited proficiency levels (levels 1-3) on the test are eligible for ELL services. Students who score level 4 are not eligible for ELL services.
    4. Parents/guardians are notified in writing whether or not their student qualifies for ELL services.