Financial Aid


    FAFSA/WASFA opens on October 1! Apply as soon as possible to be eligible for the most amount of financial aid.

    Seniors, keep your post-secondary opportunities open by applying for financial aid! Whether you will qualify for financial aid or not, it is worth your time to apply for FAFSA/WASFA. This is because many scholarships and post-secondary institutions will require you to have applied for FAFSA/WASFA before they will consider you for financial aid sources.

    Learn more about FAFSA or WASFA.

    Do I file FAFSA or WASFA?

    Before you file FAFSA, you and one parent must create an FSA ID. It can take a few days for your FSA ID to be verified!

    Begin FAFSA or WASFA today! Complete FAFSA in Spanish!

    "Post-Secondary Scholarships and Financial Aid Support" Handbooks will be available in the Career Center and distributed in class. This guide provides financial aid information and scholarship information.

     FAFSA/WASFA Tips and Reminders

    • Never pay to file FAFSA/WASFA
    • Starting as a senior you will apply for FAFSA/WASFA each year you are planning on attending post-secondary education (through an undergraduate degree)
    • You will apply for financial aid for the following calendar year (Class of 2019 Seniors will apply for financial aid for the 2019-20 school year)
    • 1 in 3 students will be randomly selected to provide additional documentation when applying for FAFSA - don't stress about this!
    • If you are a US Citizen but your parent is not use "000-00-0000" for their Social Secuity number in FAFSA - Ask Ms. Fulmer for more information
    • Applying for WASFA is protected under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    • Review the required documentation for FAFSA or WASFA
    • DO NOT apply for financial aid if you are in 9th through 11th grade (Running Start covers tutition for 11th graders)


     6 Ways Colleges and Universities Award Financial Aid

    To learn more about the six ways that colleges and universities award financial aid click here.

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