Web Publishing Guidelines

  • Accessibility

    • Pictures and graphics should not be used instead of text. i.e. Do not use an image of the word "NEW" in a page. Use the actual text.
    • Use text that makes sense when read out of context. Avoid "click here" for links.


    • Verify that all links in your website are working before publishing. Confirm them once a month.
    • Links must have appropriate educational use and must serve a specific purpose to the web page. i.e. homework, resources, science project resources, reading, and library resources.
    • Links to .edu, .us, and .gov sites may be used without prior approval provided they meet the criteria above.
    • Links whose primary purpose is sales are not allowed.
    • Links to chat rooms are not allowed.

    Quality Content

    • Content is free of libel, slander, racial slurs, obscenities or other expressions not protected by first amendment right to free speech
    • Web pages should reflect high standards in ethics, professionalism, and educational quality.
    • Spelling and grammar have been checked.
    • Diverse gender, culture, and ethnic groups are represented appropriately.
    • Controversial issues are treated with sensitivity to varying viewpoints.
    • Web pages must comply with all state federal and international laws concerning copyright and intellectual property rights.

    Employee Biography Pages

    • Primary photo is one that a parent or community can see what you look like from a face to face angle. Picture should be professional and similar to one used in a yearbook or news article.
    • Second acceptable picture that an employee could include is a picture of their classroom, or of them teaching class, or one showing their creativity. This should be appropriate for the school district site.
    • Text can be educational history, certifications, or other appropriate information to help the community know you better.

    Excerpts from School Board of Directors Policy and Procedure Manual

    Full and up to date policy and procedures available.