• Standard Based Education

     Standards-Based Education involves all stakeholders in a child's education. Administrators and teachers engage in the purposeful planning of lessons that have clearly defined outcomes and high expectations for all students. In standards-based education, the standards help to ensure that students learn knowledge and skill that prepares them for college or career. Standards-based education involves simultaneous exposure of standard based learning alongside on-going individual formative and summative assessments.

    In Renton, we believe three key components are essential in every course, at every grade level, and in every classroom PreK-12th.

    • Standard-based learning prioritizes rigorous and challenging standards that all students need to know and do to be career and college ready.
    • Student assessments are aligned to grade level and content standards that gauge student progress in a fair and informative manner. 
    • Students and parent/guardian(s) clearly understand the student's learning progress.