Early Dismissal

  • Temporary early dismissals are granted upon written or telephone requests by the parent/guardian. The request must be made before school on the day of the dismissal. It is recommended that phone calls be made between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.. The absence covered by the dismissal will be classified in accordance with the other absences as noted previously, and the early dismissal form must be signed by teachers whose classes will be missed.

    Any student who is aware of reasons that will cause him/her to be absent from class(es) should make arrangements with his/her teachers prior to the absence for appropriate make-up work. (See Leave of Absence section.) 

    Absences are considered unauthorized if the student fails to bring a note from parent/guardian within 2 days after the absence, or if it is so indicated by the principal/designee that the absence was unauthorized. Unexcused absences may incur a loss of credit for that day. Missing 1-2 periods unexcused in a day will result in one hour of detention. Missing 3 or more periods in a day will result in 2 hours of detention.