Tips for Parents / Guardians

  • Did you know? When families are involved, students are more likely to:

    • Attend school regularly
    • Pass more classes and earn more credits
    • Display positive attitudes about school
    • Refrain from destructive activities such as alcohol, drug use, and violence
    • Graduate from high school


    Here are some tips for what parents/guardians can do:

    • Let your student know that you value education as an important part of his/her future
    • Communicate with your student’s teachers and let them know you want to be involved
    • Check your student’s school planner regularly for homework assignments
    • Set aside time every day for homework
    • Make sure your student completes his/her homework
    • Talk to your student about good and bad things that happened at school that day
    • Help your student use problem-solving skills in difficult situations
    • Know your student’s friends and their families
    • Communicate with your student’s school counselor if you feel he/she need extra support


    Some questions and answers about homework:

    How do I help my student with homework if I’m not available to help and/or I don’t know the answer?

    Dimmitt Middle School has homework help available after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library from 2:40pm – 4:00pm.  Students who are bus riders may take the activity bus home. Please remember your student needs to be on time for all after school programs. For further questions about homework club, please contact your student’s counselor

    The King County Libraries in Skyway and the Renton Highlands also have tutors that can help your student complete their assignments in a program called The Study Zone.  


    What if my student says there is no homework?

    All student should be reading a minimum of 30 minutes a day at home!  Please support your student by creating making sure they have time and a quiet space to read.  Check your student’s binder for organization. Check your student’s grades online using the links at Dimmitt’s and the Renton School Districts website. Talk to your student about missing assignments.  In many cases missing assignments can be turned in late and tests with an us  All of our teachers update their students’ grades regularly.  Finally, feel free to communicate with your student’s teachers about any missing or incomplete assignments, or if you’re just unsure.


    **Source: National Center on Secondary Education and Transition, 2006.