Tech Prep Dual Credit

  • Tech Prep Dual Credit is a college-preparatory program for technical careers that prepares high school students for success by earning college credit in classes that they take at their high school. In Tech Prep classes, students have the opportunity to explore career options early, in a hands-on, challenging environment. Students discover their own interests and skills while experiencing practical, real-world ways to pursue their goals in a variety of high-skill, high-wage technical careers.

    Tech Prep Dual Credit provides:

    • A head start in a certificate program, two-year associate of applied science degree, or apprenticeship program;
    • A solid basis for baccalaureate study; and
    • The ability to apply technical skills for immediate entry-level employment after high school while also attending college.

    Other benefits of Tech Prep Dual Credit include:

    • Save cost of college tuition and books
    • Participate in high quality training programs that connect to the business and/or industry of your technical interests
    • The opportunity to graduate from college early

    Steps to receive Tech Prep Dual Credit

    While in High School:

    1. Take a Tech Prep Dual Credit certified class at your high school (see the high school registration booklet)
    2. Earn a “C” (2.0) or better in the class (additional requirements may apply)

    After High School Graduation:

    1. Register at a participating Community or Technical College (currently includes Green River Community College, Highline College, and Renton Technical College).
    2. Bring your high school transcript with you when you register and inform the registrar that you have Tech Prep Dual Credit credits that you want to utilize.
    3. The college will analyze your high school transcript (fee may apply) and issue appropriate credit.
    4. Please be aware that Tech Prep Dual Credit is not guaranteed. Colleges will make a determination at time of registration and may base their decision on such factors as: the college has discontinued the course, or the college course requirements have changed and no longer match the high school course.

    More information

    • See a high school counselor or a career specialist in your high school Career Center. 
    • See Tech Prep Dual Credit courses marked in the high school registration booklet.
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