Reported problems or suggested enhancements for website

  • When we say we want to hear about problems you are having viewing this website, we do. This list will display fixes/changes made beginning from the date our design template was applied. Issues yet unresolved or that require a workaround are listed. Enhancements that require additional funds and are being reviewed are listed as well. if you have an issue to report, please read the Supported Browsers and Related Issues document and follow those instructions.

    These lists do not address issues that may be classified as "user error" or "How do I...?" We are addressing these educational needs through a variety of mediums: written documentation for building support staff and families and a how-to navigate this website video.

    Use the Email ink in the footer to contact the Webmaster.

Post Go Live Fixes/Changes

Date Reported Issue Resolution Date
10/16/14 Start Page not Redirecting fixed 10/17/14
11/3/14 Start page does not redirected with "/" Fixed 11/5/14
Website displays oddly in Internet Explorer with Compatibility View Schoolwires does not support Compatibility View
10/22/14 School Staff Directories were pointing to the district one Remapped 10/24/14
Parents had trouble finding SWIFT sites Created Teacher Website tabs
Libraries links not working Redirected
11/3/14 Add Dictionary to Student Quick Links Done 11/3/14
Add Rosetta Stone to Student Quick Links Done
11/4/14 Add QWERTYtown to Student Quick Links Done 11/4/14
10/16/14 Email from Webmaster does not work Fixed
10/24/14 Wrong SWIFT sites pulling for Cascade fixed 10/24/14
10/24/14 Requested link to Board Docs on Tech Service's Policies and Procedures page Done 10/24/14
10/24/14 Translator not displaying on Internet Explorer of Firefox Updated the translator script to allow it to display on all browsers. 10/28/14
11/6/14 Staff Payments not intuitive Added explanatory tag 11/6/14
11/6/14 Renton Park phone incorrect on Our Schools page Fixed 11/6/14
11/7/14 All main site email goes to one mailbox Can now direct to sections 11/8/14
11/17/14 Map icon in footer doesn't link anywhere Links to map from Home pages 11/19/14
11/18/14 Map icon Now links from all pages to map in new window 11/20/14
New logo for Highlands Done
1/2/15 No alt alt tags for global icons,tabs, search icon
1/19/15 Staff report they cannot access the policies and procedures from home and that they need a password to access. Apple devices will attempt to open a PDF file in the application called "Preview" by default which will prompt for a password. A Mac should have "Adobe Reader" with PDF files set to open in Adobe Reader by default. 1/20/15
2/23/15 Not all breadcrumbs display Fixed 2/27/15

Preview Period Changes

Change requested Resolution
Mascot change for Lindbergh, Hazelwood, Bryn Mawr, H.O.M.E., Kennydale, Talbot Hill and Cascade. Changes made
Color change for Lindbergh, Sierra Heights, Hazen, McKnight, Hazelwood, H.O.M.E., Tiffany Park and Talbot Hill. Changes made
Register button is showing Now hidden
Remap Learning and Teaching and Finance and Operations Channels Done
Rename Business Office to Finance and Operations Done
Email link in footer Added

Testing Period Fixes/Changes

Date reported Issue Resolution Date
10/7/14 Link library is too crowded Spacing added 10/9/14
File Library is too crowded Spacing added
9/26/14 Apps are too far apart on the page Spacing removed 9/26/14
Slideshow has blank title on mobile devices Design change
No zoom on iPhone Site is designed to collapse to size of device not zoom. 10/14/14
RIPAC calendar has a different display for dates Fixed
Blackberry screen is tiny and hard to read Font size increased for mobile view 10/14/14

Enhancements being considered for the future

Proposed enhancement Date Approved
Enable registration for staff and families.
Purchase java element to make it easier to select a school 2/11/15
Purchase mobile app 2/11/15