Organizations at Talbot Hill

  • Student Government -

    In 1995 Talbot Hill students held a Constitutional Convention where they wrote a Constitution that our community abides by. Each year students elect a President, Vice President, and student legislators representing students from 1st-5th grade. Each classroom elects a House Representative, and each grade level elects a Senator. These legislators have created several laws, and even amended the constitution.

    We usually hold a Primary Election in mid-October, and hold the General Election about 2 weeks later. About half of the student body in Grades 1-5 run for office. Each candidate makes a short speech - sometimes just saying their name! On Election days, we have an outstanding turnout - nearly all of our students register to vote, and nearly all of our students vote! 

    MicroSociety Organizations -

    "Organizations" are businesses or services that are part of the Talbot Hill's MicroSociety. The organizations change from year to year, as student and teacher interests change. Each primary classroom in Grades Kindergarten, 1 and 2 have a whole class business. The 3rd, 4th & 5th graders work together in various organizations. Each organization takes a field trip that is related to their product or service - the Bank has visited a bank and credit union; the Warehouse has visited our fundraiser supplier; the Garden Art Shop visited McLendon's; City Hall visits the Renton City Hall...

    Our 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students have a Job Fair in mid-October. They can talk to the facilitators, find out about the organizations, or even try to persuade the facilitator to look for their application! Then they apply for 3 organizations. MicroTime - work time for our 3rd, 4th & 5th graders - starts in November - 4 days a week, 45 minutes at the end of the day.

    Here's the 2017-18 intermediate organizations - This year we have several Small Businesses - groups of 2-5 students working to provide services and specialty products at our MarketPlaces.

    1. City Hall - Facilitator:  Mrs. Goss

    We are the home of THE City Business Offices & Chamber of Commerce. City Hall is where all the “behind the scenes and community outreach” happens. If you join us, you will be a part of an active team working to make our Micro ventures, non-profits, & government agencies better than ever.  Our duties will include reviewing & reflecting to improve MarketPlace, reviewing patents and permits and licenses and welcoming people new to Talbot Hill. We develop Talbot Pride products and host a variety of community drives to benefit our Talbot Hill and City of Renton communities. Our departments include the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, Welcome and Visitor’s Bureau, Community Outreach, and possibly others.

    We are a SERVICE organization – we work to make other’s lives and businesses better!!

    2. T.H.E. Bank - Facilitator:  Mr. Crandall

    T.H.E. Bank is responsible for safely handling the money of all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  It cashes checks and maintains accurate records for the students.  It also has the responsibility of creating loans for small businesses and collecting the taxes for the Student Government.  It monitors the flow of money throughout our MicroSociety community.

    3. Club Code - Facilitator: Mrs. McDowell

    Club CODE is the place to be if you are interested in Computer Science. We will begin with the basics of computer coding, advancing to work on games on projects as the year progresses. Students will create computer programs that will help them learn to collaborate with others, develop problem-solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks. They will study programming concepts, computational thinking, digital citizenship, and develop interactive games or stories they can share. We will mainly be working with, but will also do some work with Google CS. This organization is best suited to beginners, but all are welcome to apply to Club CODE!. 

    4. StudioBLAKE - Facilitator: Ms. Blake

    In StudioBLAKE we will be exploring different kinds of art from photography to drawing. First, we will learn about how these different forms of art are used in our community. Then, students will have the chance to express themselves using what they have learned. We will be using different forms of art to tell a story and create masterpieces for homes and classrooms.

     5. The Green Garden - Facilitator:  Mrs. Slack

    Want to learn about growing vegetables? Do you know where your food comes from?  Where in the world were carrots first eaten? Do you enjoy planting seeds and watching plants grow? Apply for T.H.E. Green Garden! 

    We will learn about different types of vegetables as well as other flowering plants.  We get to grow things inside of greenhouses this year!  Sample food that you grew!  Purple carrots, white carrots, yellow carrots and red carrots! Learn about different vegetables that you don’t see in the supermarkets.  How long does it take for a radish to grow?  You will learn the answer in T.H.E. Green Garden!

    6. Recycling Craft Masters - Facilitator:  Mrs. Terrazas

    This business is about taking everyday materials, such as trash, and turning them into treasures! We will plunge into arts and craft projects, while helping Talbot stay green, reuse materials, and be earth friendly. Students will learn about recycling products to use as an art medium and will participate in the creation of various structured arts and crafts projects. Finished products will be sold during market place. Employees should have a love and appreciation for both art & crafts and keeping our earth healthy.

     7. Small Business - Facilitators:  Mrs. Diezman, Ms. Goss, Mr. Crandall

    Small Businesses drive the economy of Talbot Hill’s MicroSociety!  Small Businesses are an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to design and operate your own small business.   You develop and create products and services to sell at Marketplace. Business owners manage their own finances, advertising, production and customer service.  Here’s your opportunity to be in charge of it all!  Each Small Business consists of two, three, or four business partners. A team who can work together, problem solve and try new ideas will experience great success!

     8. iColor, iCreate -  Facilitator:  Ms. Brenneka

    We are taking doodling and arts and crafts to the next level! We will be diving into the wonderful world of arts and projects. In our business, we are going to create original works of art and crafts that others can enjoy in their homes and their walls.

    We will learn how to use different mediums (paint, pencils, and pastels) and craft elements to create unique pieces that will sell during market place. Kids should have a love and appreciation for art and creativity. We are going to learn to be confident and risk takers in ourselves!

     9. Environmental Explorers  -  Facilitator:  Ms. Madsen

    Environmental Explorers will be exploring aspects of the environment and weather through keeping track of weather patterns, learning about various aspects of the environment and how it affects our Earth, and learning about and educating others at Talbot Hill on what it means to be environmentally friendly. We will be doing fun projects by repurposing items, some artistic projects, using our creativity with recycled items, and sometimes even getting outdoors to help our schools environment. All ideas are welcome, so bring your ideas and come have fun saving our Earth.

    10.  TH Fitness - Facilitator: Ms. Johnson

    WORK IT OUT!  TH Fitness is looking for citizens who are passionate about being physically active, eating right, and interested in how our bodies work.  If you “fit” this description, apply for a position with us!  You will be working out twice a week in the TH Gym, guiding patrons through a variety of fitness activities from yoga to weight training.  On the days we are in the classroom you will be learning about the importance of physical activity and healthy eating to stay physically fit.  This could include rating granola bars for taste and nutrition and learning about how our different muscle groups work during exercise. 

    So, lace up your sneakers, run to TH Fitness, and sign up for our organization today!

    11.  Garden Art - Facilitator: Ms. James

    Do you enjoy being outside, the garden and/or art?  Do you like to build and design new things? Come join the Garden Art Shop and blossom with your creativeness and helping others do the same!

     Everything can be made into garden art so our possibilities are limitless. Master Gardeners and local garden shops will be helping us and bringing their expertise to our organization. We’ll create beautiful, fanciful objects to enhance both indoors and outdoor garden spaces at everyone’s place.

    Green thumbs are not needed to join, just enthusiasm and energy at our Garden Art Shop!  

    12.  Tiger Times - Facilitator: Mrs. Suh

    Do you like to write stories and talk to new people?  Are you interested in current events?  Do you have a passion for finding out and sharing information?  Then join the Tiger Times!  We will keep citizens up-to-date on current affairs, student interests and Talbot Hill happenings, featuring students, staff, and businesses.  Our focus will be on student news and successes, informational articles, and Talbot Hill happenings. We will be learning about the writing process and how to publish and present information in a newspaper format.  Our newspaper will keep Talbot Hill a community of informed citizens!

    13.  Museum of Science - Facilitator: Ms. Winkler

    The Talbot Hill Museum of Science will be an interactive science museum. Employees will investigate science topics they are interested in and then design hands-on, interactive science exhibits for visitors to learn from. They will guide visitors through the museum, helping them understand what is important about their topic. Visitors may participate in scientific investigations, make a model of something, view a presentation, or visit the Science Museum's gift shop. Employees should have a passion for science and be curious about how things work. They should be willing to share their knowledge with others and able to work on a team.


    Green Team - 

    The Green Team is no longer operating as Mrs. Kalnick is no longer able to coordinate it. The Student Government hopes to be able to continue some of Talbot Hill's Green School initiatives.