MicroSoft Office 365

  • RSD internal Outlook email system was replaced.

    We are now using Microsoft Office 365 online service for our Outlook district email and office tools.

    Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based service hosted by Microsoft that provides expanded usability to our district staff and students.

    As a RSD student you have a couple of choices on how to access and use your RSD Outlook email account.

    When at school, using a school computer, you can access your email through the locally installed Outlook program that is part of Microsoft Office 2013. The first time you access your account on a school computer, you will go through a setup and profile creation on that computer. Since the created profile remains safely stored on that computer, you will have to go through the same process if you use a different computer to check your email and do your work.

    The other way to access your Outlook email is on line through an Internet Browser. Internet Explorer is highly recommended because it is optimized to flawlessly take advantage and enhance all the Outlook features.
    To access your Outlook email through a web browser, you need to logon to your account through the 365 portal. Your login is:

    • User ID: (the user name ID you used to logon to the school computer)
    • Then, your password. Once again, your online Office 365 password is the same password you would use to logon to a computer at school or in the District.

    At school you can continue, as before, to use the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite that is already installed on every school computer. Away from school, from any Internet connected computer, you can have access and use various Microsoft Office programs through the web based Office 365.



Last Modified on December 31, 2017