All following year requests will not be accepted until January of the requesting year. 

    If you are requesting the 2019/2020 school year, please wait until January 2019.

    They will not be accepted until then.

Choice Transfers

  • I live within the Renton School District boundary and would like my child to attend school in a different school district:

    Once Recieved by the Renton School District:

    • The Renton School District will submit the Choice Transfer Request electronically to the receiving district.
    • You should receive an email showing the request has been submitted. 
    • It is not considered complete until accepted or denied by the receiving district. 
    • You will be notified by email when the next action is taken in the acceptance process.

    Please contact the district you are requesting for more information on your students transfer request.


    Final Steps:
    • If your student is currently enrolled in our District, please notify the school with the date that you will be withdrawing your student.
    • Your student must continue to attend the resident school until the effective start date of the transfer.  Nonattendance is subject to truancy procedures.
    • The Choice Transfer Request must be submitted annually.