About the Technology Integration Specialists position


    1 per elementary, 2 per secondary, 1 at THS


    Build and utilize a district wide team of technology teacher leaders that value visioning and integration of technology with our district vision and goals to develop a network of technology teacher leaders.

    This position will support staff members in the integration of technology as a tool into curriculum, instructional and assessment, and provide technology leadership at the school level. The incumbent should have a clear vision for technology integration and an interest in current and emerging technologies.

    The incumbent must be in a CERTIFICATED teaching position and hold a valid, current Professional Educator certificate issued by the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).


    1. Monthly Meetings: Attend and participate in monthly Technology Integration Specialist meetings to receive training and share successes, struggles and solutions from buildings; participate in discussions; receive oral/written information; and implement new procedures/agreements at assigned building.

    2. Communication: Gather and disseminate information regarding district technology [initiatives, implementations, decisions, ongoing issues, etc.] from and to building staff.

    3. Provide Training: Provide face-to-face building-level trainings on district technology initiatives and ongoing technology resources in collaboration with District Technology Facilitators.

    4. Coach: Provide assistance to teachers in developing and integrating technology into classroom activities & act as technology teacher and coach to other staff members;

    5. Technology Surveys: Coordinate, for completion, OSPI/District building surveys of staff and student [if grade level appropriate].

    6. Professional Growth: Review journals, blogs, articles, and websites to increase awareness of current trends in instructional technologies.

    7. Building School Improvement Plan (SIP) Development Process: Participate in the building level SIP process to ensure that integration of technology is included in the building School Improvement Plan in harmony with district/state/federal technology plan[s].

    8. Building Committees: Participate in building-level technology committees as appropriate to advise and assist in building-level hardware and software decisions.

    *The list of essential functions in this job description is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary by determination of an appropriate administrator and Human Resources.