Constitution Of The Associated Student Body Of Lindbergh High School


    We, the students of Charles A. Lindbergh High School, motivated to improve the quality of our school for students, staff, and community do affirm the following about student government:
    Strong Student Government can:

    1. Improve the educational process
    2. Create a positive atmosphere within the school
    3. Provide an effective method for the solution of problems
    4. Involve students actively in the community
    5. Teach valuable lessons about the process of governmentIt is vital for students to be involved in this avenue of civic experience that is uniquely ours.
    With a firm belief in the ability of student government to achieve these goals, we, the students of Charles A. Lindbergh High School, do ordain and establish this constitution.


    SECTION 1 Name of Organization
    The name of this organization shall be the Associated Student Body of Lindbergh High School.

    SECTION 2Official Colors
    The colors of the Lindbergh High School ASB shall be red, white, and blue.

    SECTION 3 - Mascot
    The mascot of the Lindbergh High School ASB shall be the American Bald Eagle.


    SECTION 1 Members
    The Associated Student Body shall consist of all enrolled members of Lindbergh High

    SECTION 2Structure
    The ASB Government shall consist of a Student Senate and an Executive Board.


    SECTION 1 Membership
    The Senate shall consist of all duly elected representatives of the designated constituencies.

    SECTION 2Organization
    The presiding officer of the Senate shall be the ASB Vice President .The ASB Vice President shall be responsible for determining the agenda for each Senate Meeting. The ASB Secretary shall be responsible for recording of minutes and taking roll of the senators and officers present. The remaining members of the Executive Board and the Student Government Advisor are expected to be at all Senate meetings.

    SECTION 3 Student Senate’s function
       A. Take student input on issues related to ASB monies, clubs, activities, and appropriate student issues.
       B. Formulate and pass written legislation intended to resolve problems associated with these issues.
       C. Discuss with the administration, problems occurring outside the jurisdiction of student government.
       D. Relate information and decisions back to designated constituencies.

    SECTION 4Election
    A. Each designated constituency shall elect one senator and one alternate.
    Elections shall be held within the first three weeks of each semester.
    B. Candidates for senator must hold a 2.5 GPA during each quarter of his/her term. C. Elections will be by secret ballot. The Senator shall be the individual with the
    highest number of votes. The alternate shall be the individual with the second highest number of votes.
    D. The term of office for each elected senator shall be no longer than one semester.
    Senators can be re-elected to their posts if no other student in the advisory wishes to run.

    SECTION 5Legislative Procedure
       A. The Student Senate shall use parliamentary procedure to conduct business.
       B. Any senator may draft a bill or resolution for submission to the Executive Board.
       C. The Executive Board may suggest changes in the bill.

       D. Legislation shall be passed through the Student Senate, Executive Board, Student Government Advisor and then to the school administration.

    1.  Legislation must receive a majority vote in the Student Senate to be passed to the Executive Board.
    2. The Executive Board may pass legislation on to the Student Government Advisor with a majority vote, or veto it. A veto can be overridden by a two- thirds majority of the Student Senate.
    3. The Student Government Advisor may accept the legislation, or veto it. The Executive Board may override the veto with a two-thirds majority vote.
    4. The school administration must review all senate legislation before it goes into effect.

        E. Only senators may vote on legislation; each senator shall have one vote. The ASB President shall have the power to vote in a tie.
        F. A permanent written record of all legislation shall be maintained for public consideration in the ASB office.

    SECTION 6Duties of Senators
       A. Senators shall attend all Student Senate meetings. If attendance is not possible, Senators must arrange for his/her alternate to be present.
       B. All discussion at Student Senate meetings must be reported to designated constituencies.

    SECTION 7 – Removal of Senators or Student Officers
       A. Removal of Senators - Any senator can be removed from office for the following offenses.

    1. Being absent from two Student Senate meetings without an excuse, or without notifying his/her alternate.
    2. Failing to maintain a 2.5 GPA during each quarter of his/her term.

       B. For the above violations the decision to remove the Senator will be made by vote of the Executive Board.
       C. Any Senator who fails to fulfill his/her duties may be removed by vote of the designated constituency. In this case, the alternate      Senator would move into the vacated position.
       D. Impeachment - Any member of the Student Senate or Student Officer may be impeached for failing to fulfill their duties, or improper conduct harming the reputation of Lindbergh High School. Improper conduct is defined as:

    • Violations of established school rules
    • Behavior which results in a suspension or expulsion from Lindbergh High School
    • Behavior outside of school which is illegal in nature
    • Behavior outside of school which is damaging to community relations. The procedure for impeachment shall be as follows:

    1. One-third of the Student Senate must sign a petition charging the officer or
    2. Within one week after the charges are filed, the accused is to be given a hearing with the Student Senate acting as jury. A two-thirds majority vote (by secret ballot) for impeachment is necessary to remove an officer or Senator.

    SECTION 8Meetings
       A. The Student Senate shall meet at least once every month as the school calendar provides. The Executive Board may call additional meetings.
       B. No action may be taken at the Student Senate meeting without a quorum present; the quorum consists of one-half of the total membership of the Student Senate.



    SECTION 1Members

    The Executive Board shall consist of:
       A. ASB President (non-voting member) B. ASB Vice President
       C. ASB Secretary
       D. ASB Treasurer
       E. ASB Public Relations Officer
       F. Senior Class President
       G. Junior Class President
       H. Sophomore Class President
       I. Freshman Class President
       J. Student Government Advisor (non-voting member)

    SECTION 2Purpose
    The Executive Board’s function shall be to:

       A. Enforce, in conjunction with the administration, all articles of this constitution.
       B. Assist the Student Senate in the formulation of legislation.
       C. Act as a link between the administration and the Student Senate.
       D. Orchestrate all ASB activities.

    SECTION 3Duties of ASB Officers
       A. The duties of the ASB President shall be to:
    1. Preside over all Executive Board meetings.
    2. Preside over all assemblies and meetings of the Associated Student Body unless delegated otherwise.
    3. Commission committees as necessary.
    4. Call special meetings of the Student Senate with approval of the Administrator.
    5. Sign all financial transactions of ASB monies in the absence of the ASB treasurer.

       B. The duties of the ASB Vice-President shall be to:

    1. Assume the duties and responsibilities of the ASB President in case of his/her absences or as delegated by the President.
    2. Notify student Senators and Executive Board members of all meetings.
    3. Oversee at least one ASB committee.
    4. Preside over all Senate meetings.

       C. The duties of the ASB Secretary shall be to:

    1. Keep an accurate record of all meetings of the ASB Executive Board and Student Senate.
    2. Provide copies of the Student Senate meetings to Student Senators within 48 hours of the meetings.
    3. Keep all minutes of Executive Board and Student Senate meetings on file in the ASB office.
    4. Oversee at least one ASB committee. 

       D. The duties of the ASB Treasurer shall be to:

    1. Prepare and present a financial statement to the Executive Board each month and the Student Senate each meeting.
    2. Preside over all meetings of the Budget and Finance Committee.
    3. Sign all financial transactions of ASB monies.
    4. Oversee at least one ASB committee.

       E. The duties of the ASB Public Relations Officer shall be to:

    1. Handle all interactions between ASB and the community.
    2. Write letters when necessary to teachers, coaches, and advisors.
    3. Keep Yearbook and Journalism up to date on ASB events and activities.
    4. Oversee at least one ASB committee.

        F. The common duties of all ASB officers shall be to:

    1. Represent the Associated Student Body to the best of his/her ability.
    2. Attend all meetings of the Executive Board and Student Senate.

    SECTION 4Powers of Executive Board
    The Executive Board shall have the power to:

       A. Call Student Senate meetings.
       B. Approve all financing of the Associated Student Body.
       C. Charter ASB clubs and organizations.
       D. Organize and coordinate all ASB activities.
       E. Enforce, in conjunction with the administration, all articles contained herein.

    SECTION 5Term of Executive Board
    The term of the executive board officers shall end and begin on June 1 of each year.


    SECTION 1 Elections
       A. All election specifications not covered in this constitution are delegated to the Executive Board.
       B. All voting at the primary and general elections shall be done by secret ballot.
       C. All students who attend Lindbergh High School shall have one vote in elections.
       D. All newly elected officers must arrange an orientation session with the former officer.
       E. All candidates must meet the following qualifications:
    1. All candidates must be enrolled at Lindbergh High School and attend a minimum of four classes at Lindbergh. Write In Candidates are not permitted
    2.  For Class officers, no officer may hold the same office in consecutive years, ie. This year’s Freshman Class President may not run for Sophomore Class President. However, this year’s Freshman Class President may run for Junior Class President.
    3. No candidate for an ASB office may run for an office he/she has already held.
    4. Candidates for the office of ASB President must be members of the Junior Class.
    5. All candidates for a class office must be a member of that respective class.
    6. All candidates must be a member of Lindbergh High School during their intended term.
    7. Minimum Grade Point Average/Candidate Qualifications - All candidates must maintain satisfactory academic progress, have a minimum 2.8 Cumulative GPA and maintain a minimum 2.  GPA during each quarter of their office. Satisfactory academic progress is defined as earning passing grades in all classes. Grade Points will be rounded up or down to the nearest tenth of a point. Any candidate discovered to have less than the minimum cumulative GPA will be removed from the ballot. Any Candidate who falsifies claims about his/her GPA will be removed from the ballot. If an election is held and then the winning candidate is discovered to have less than the minimum GPA, that candidate will not be allowed to take office. If this mistake is discovered prior to the winning candidate taking office, the candidate with the second highest vote total shall be declared the winner. If the cumulative GPA of any office holder drops below 2.8, that person shall be removed from office immediately. No impeachment hearing will be held. If the semester GPA of any office holder drops below  2.8, that person shall be removed from office immediately. No impeachment hearing shall be held. Any violation of school or election rules can subject a candidate to immediate removal from the ballot. If violations of school rules occur after the election, but prior to the inauguration of the candidate, the candidate with the second highest vote total shall be declared the winner of the election. If violation of school rules occurs after the inauguration of the candidate, rules governing impeachment apply.
    8.  No student may simultaneously hold more than one office that is elected on an all-school or all-class basis. This restriction shall apply to ASB offices and class presidents.
    9.  No Student may simultaneously hold office in more than one major club or activity. These include: ASB, DECA, FBLA, Yearbook, Cheer, and SkillsUSA.
    10. All ASB officers must enroll in Leadership for both semesters they a=hold office.. All Class officers must enroll in Leadership class for at least one semester of the year they are in office.
    11. In cases where there are no candidates for an office, the ASB Advisor may recruit a candidate to appear on the ballot or the Executive Board may appoint a qualified student to the post. If the office for which there are no candidates is not ASB or class president, the Executive Board may have one person do the job of two offices.

    SECTION 2 Succession
    The Executive Board shall have the authority to appoint a student to fill any ASB or Class Officer position that becomes vacant. If the Executive Board chooses, an election may be held to fill the vacant office.

    SECTION 3 Term of Class Officers
    The term of class officers shall end and begin on June 1 of each year.



    SECTION 1Chartering
       A. Any group that wishes to receive ASB funding or sponsorship must receive a charter from the ASB.
       B. Any group requesting a charter must apply in writing to the Executive Board with a constitution for their organization. All chartered activities must have a Constitution on-file in the ASB office.
       C. If the Executive Board approves the chartering request, it will be brought before the Senate. A majority approval vote by the Senate is required. The charter will then be submitted to the school administration for approval before it goes into effect.
       D. For any group to be chartered, it must:
    1. Not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed or sex.
    2. Have a clearly defined purpose and structure stated in their constitution.
    3. Conform to all rules stated in this constitution, state, and federal regulations.
    4. No club will be granted a charter if it interferes with or imposes upon the operation of any other club or organized activity at Lindbergh.

      E. The Executive Board shall suspend the charter of any club that violates any of the provisions in Article VI.

    SECTION 2Clubs
       A. All members of clubs drawing ASB funding must hold a valid ASB card, and/or pay an equipment usage fee as appropriate.
       B. Clubs that fail to meet on a regular basis may have their charter reviewed by the Executive Board for possible revocation.
       C. Clubs wishing to advertise events and meetings must follow the official poster policy of Lindbergh High School.


    SECTION 1 – Senate ApprovalAmendments or revisions to this constitution must be presented in writing to the Student
    Senate. A majority vote is necessary to send the legislation on to the Executive Board.

    SECTION 2 ASB Executive Board Approval
    A two-thirds majority vote from the Executive Board is necessary to pass the legislation on to the Associated Student Body.

    SECTION 3Final Approval
    The proposal shall become law upon approval by the Senate, ASB Executive Board, and the Lindbergh High School administration.

    We the undersigned do establish this amended Constitution effective on this day, May, 31, 2011.
    ASB President, JoeAnn Park
    ASB Vice President, Nate Tandecki
    ASB Secretary, Brenna Healy
    ASB Treasurer, Dashni Amin
    Download .pdf formatted file, here  (Revised May 2011)
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