Telephone and Cell Phones


    Each room in the building has a telephone line with voice mail capabilities. All staff members have access to telephones, however, they must be switched to voice mail during instructional time. Please leave messages for teachers on their voice mail. Messages for students should still come through the office to ensure that they are delivered in a timely manner. Students may use our phones for business and emergency calls only. Students should make arrangements for after school activities, going to a friend’s house, etc., prior to coming to school. They should make an effort to remember homework, library books, lunch or lunch money, etc.


    Students are allowed to bring cell phones to school for before or after school use only.  However, all cell phones must remain with power off and in a back pack during the school day (8:30-3:10).  Students may not have the phone on vibrate or in their pocket during the day, this includes recess and lunch times.

    Please do not call your student on the cell phone during the school day; Call the school office.  If students choose not to follow this policy their cell phones will be kept in the office.  If a cell phone is taken, it will only be released to a parent or guardian.  Renton Park Elementary School and staff are not liable for lost or stolen cell phones.