Emergency Information

  • Emergency Contact

    If there is a change during the year of your home, work, or cell phone number; your employment; address or emergency contact person - PLEASE NOTIFY THE SCHOOL OFFICE.  We keep emergency data for each child.  It is imperative for the welfare of your child that the office has current and accurate information.  We MUST have current information to contact you or an alternate person in case your child becomes ill or is injured at school.

    If your child came home from school and you weren’t there, would he/she know where to go and what to do? It is important that each parent discuss this with each child. Situations of this nature could occur due to school emergency dismissal or for other unforeseen reasons (Mom or Dad working overtime, etc.).


    Drills for earthquake, fire, and lockdown are practiced periodically in order to assure a continued state of readiness. Fire drills are conducted monthly and earthquake/lockdown drills are held twice a year. In the event of severe earthquake damage, we have a plan to ensure that all students are released to an authorized adult. Students will not be allowed to walk home alone due to the unknown impact to the surroundings.  An adult listed on the emergency sheet will need to pick up your child. The emergency information sheet you filled out at the beginning of the year will be used to release your child. Under no circumstances should parents attempt to call the school or to enter the building. Keep in mind that if parents are calling school, these phone calls will delay emergency care. There will be a designated student check-out station through which students must be released. It is imperative that we have the cooperation of the community to ensure that we know the whereabouts of all of our students.


    In the event of unusually bad weather conditions, most local Seattle television and radio stations will issue emergency announcements regarding the status of school starting times. We ask parents NOT to phone the school office or school district. The television or radio or the alert banner on the Renton School District website are your most accurate sources of information. One of several announcements could be:

    • Renton Schools are open and operating on regular schedule.
    • Renton Schools are open and operating with a 90 minute late start.
    • Renton Schools are closed today.

    Announcements apply only to the day on which they are issued. If no mention is made of Renton, it means school will be open and operate on a regular schedule. If school open 90 minutes late, morning kindergarten will be canceled and no breakfast is served. In case school is dismissed during the day, make sure your child has a back-up plan. Students who do not have an alternate plan must wait at school until their parents can be contacted.