RMS Updates

  • Feb. 2017 - We've named our three main classroom sections of the building to tie in with Timberwolf habitat regions.  The 6th graders will be housed in the Forest Hall (they have a great view of the woods to the east of campus), the 7th graders will be in the Mountain Hall (in the upstairs northwest section of the building), and the 8th graders will be in the River Hall (located in the northwest section, flowing below the Mountain Hall).  We will have signage that assists students and visitors in locating these various halls.



    Jan. 2017 - We've got a logo for our Timberwolf, along with our school name in text that highlights some of our school colors! 

    RMS logo

    We've also got it in a more horizontal format.

    RMS horizontal logo

    Staff are very excited to use this mascot and logo to promote our school spirit!

    We are also interviewing once again, so remember we always appreciate you encouraging excellent RSD staff members to apply!



    Past updates:

    Dec. 2016 - We've got school colors (see below)! We're still finalizing the design of our Timberwolves logo, but it's coming along and should be revealed soon.

    RMS colors

    Also, in early January we will be posting internal openings on our district HR application site (https://applitrack.com/rentonschools/onlineapp/) for additional teaching positions, a counselor position, a librarian position, and another assistant principal position for Risdon. Encourage any excellent RSD staff you know to apply!  :-)

    Oct. 2016 - We are excited to announce that we have selected our mascot to be the Timberwolves!  We are awaiting logo design ideas from student artists, and will announce our logo in the coming weeks.  See our post on the Risdon Middle PTA Facebook page (navigate there easily using our Quick Link on the right of your screen) for more details about our colors and some mocked-up logo ideas.

    Feb. 2016 — Opening of the new middle school being built in the north end of the district in Newcastle will be delayed by a year. The construction contractor for the project, Porter Brothers, recently gave notice to the district that they are unable to complete the new school construction as planned to be ready for the opening of the new school year on Aug. 31, 2016.

    After learning of the delay by the contractor, Renton School District Superintendent Dr. Art Jarvis led district staff and the school’s planning principal through days of discussions of scenarios to keep the school opening on track, or other alternatives to housing students until the construction project was complete and the district had been given occupancy of the school (for a detailed list of those scenarios, please see the "Questions and Answers" section to the right). Though many options were discussed, none were determined feasible, mostly due to the process of hiring teachers and support staff, leading to the decision to maintain current school boundaries and operations through the 2016-2017 school year. While construction of the school will continue, the delay means students and staff slated to move into the new school will stay in their current school through next school year. 

    The new two-story school will be a 119,000 square-foot building and will open for 6-8 graders in September 2017, at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. The much-needed school will relieve pressure at nearby McKnight Middle School which is currently at capacity, as families move into the area for its good schools, city amenities and quality of life. The $46 million project was made possible thanks to voter support of an April 2012 bond measure. The bond measure also funded improvements to the Lindbergh High School pool and other school building projects at schools across the district.

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