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  • Our Vision of High Quality Instruction for EVERY Child, EVERY Day in EVERY Classroom and Environment is supported through a variety of initiatives.

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  • Linda Hoste
    Director of Categorical Programs
    425 204-2410
    Alyssa Mongeau
    LAP Facilitator
    425 204-2282
    Michele Starkey
    Title I Facilitator
    425 204-2295
    Molly Moss
    ELL Facilitator/elementary
    425 204-2339
    Hilary Vargas
    ELL Facilitator/secondary
    425 204-2434
    Audita Brockett
    Interpreter Coordinator
    425 204-2299
    Olivia Cortez
    Secondary ELL Testing
    425 204-2484
    Tommy Segundo
    Native American Education
    425 204-3474
    Patti Trett
    Budget Support Specialist-Title I & LAP
    425 204-2278
    Joan Thordarson
    Administrative Assistant McKinney-Vento/Foster care,ELL, STBIP
    Monica Taylor
    Administrative Assistant FOCUS and Health Services
    425 204-2483
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