Welcome Message

  • Mission statement - Why do we exist?

    It is the mission of Maplewood Heights School to provide our students with high quality instruction to ensure that every student meets his/her fullest potential every day.

    Vision Statement - How are we going to accomplish our purpose?

    We envision a school in which -

              Our staff members…

    • Demonstrate a personal commitment to providing a positive, safe and engaging environment for all students
    • Provide clear, rigorous expectations for all students, academically and socially
    • Set goals and objectives that align with state and Common Core standards
    • Effectively teach using research and standards-based instructional strategies
    • Will work in collaborative teams to plan, assess and reflect on teaching practices and student learning
    • Differentiate instruction to meet the needs our diverse learners
    • Monitor student progress towards grade level standards to guide instruction
    • Engage in on-going professional development activities to improve teaching practices
    • Provide students with opportunities to practice being contributing citizens of the world

      Our students…

    • Feel safe, respected and challenged each and every day
    • Are actively engaged in learning by setting goals, creating plans to meet grade level standards and thoughtfully reflecting on their successes
    • Work toward becoming prepared, responsible, independent and enthusiastic life-long learners
    • Collaborate with peers and staff members to extend their learning beyond the classroom

       Our parents, guardians and community members…

    • Share in our commitment for the success of each student
    • Actively support and encourage our students in the learning process

      Our teachers, students, and parents together…

    • Communicate openly to achieve academic success and social growth of all students


    Our Motto

    Pride in Achievement, Working for Success!


School News

  • Smile Bright! Picture day is coming

    Students will be taking school pictures on Tuesday, Septemper 26th. Flyers went home this week. Extras are available in the office or online at the Dorian Studio homepage

  • peachjar eflyers