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New Semester is Coming

Students, as we approach the end of the semester, a few of you may be interested in requesting to change out of your Year-Long Course. Please be aware of the following information and process: 
• When you selected your year-long course for this school year, we did not save space for you anywhere else. Most classes at Hazen High School are at their enrollment limit, and therefore MOST student requests for a change out of a Year-Long Course cannot be accommodated.
• If you do, however, want to request changing out of your Year-Long Course, please sign up to meet with your school counselor. You will be given a form that requires your parent’s signature and your current teacher’s input & signature. You will return the form to your counselor, and the request will then go to the Principal for consideration.
• The due date for the Year-Long Course change form is Friday, Jan. 20th. No change requests will be considered after Jan. 20th.