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Renton School District Highly Capable Program Referral Information

Highly Capable Referral Window (October 1 – March 1)

The referral process for the Renton School District’s Highly Capable Program begins October 1st.  All 2nd graders across the district will be screened using the CogAT (Board Policy 2190); referral forms are not required in this case.  For all other cases, a referral from a parent/guardian, teacher or other community member is required.  Acting as a community member, the Renton School District may also refer students. The referral form, which is available in multiple languages, can be found on the Renton School District website; go to Learning and Teaching - Highly Capable Program - Student Identification Process.  By signing the referral form, a parent/guardian is giving consent to have their child tested as a part of the identification process.  The referral window closes on March 1st.  If identified, these students will be eligible to receive Highly Capable services the following school year.


However, students who are new to the Renton School District must be referred by December 1st If identified, these students will be placed in program in February of the same school year.  Students who are considered new to the district include: 1) Kindergarteners, and 2) Students from grades 1-8 who have moved into the Renton School District from another district or state, 3) Students new to the district in the last 12 months who did not have the opportunity to participate in the identification process last year. 


For questions about the referral process, contact Jody Hanawalt at, (425) 204-2404.