Renton School District Superintendent

I am honored to begin work as Superintendent of the Renton School District.  The community and staff have provided a warm welcome and have shared much about all the positive things that are happening in the district and in the community in support of our students.  Renton School District has skilled, dedicated and compassionate teachers, principals and staffs who work relentlessly to ensure each of our students is learning at high levels and learning skills that will enable them to be productive citizens.

We serve students from Renton, portions of Newcastle, Fairwood, Bellevue, Seattle, and unincorporated King County.  Renton School District is proud of our rich student and community diversity.  We know that educating the youth of our community is a team effort that requires the dedication of each staff member, our parents and our community and business partners. The strong tradition of collaborative partnerships between our extensive network of highly valued community partners, parents, government agencies, and local and regional businesses and the district offer immeasurable support for our students and teachers to learn and achieve. I look forward to continuing to work with each of our partners to build upon the foundation that has already been set.

We are committed to ensuring the Vision of the Renton School District, “High quality Instruction and learning for EVERY child, EVERY day in EVERY classroom and environment”, is what every child experiences.  This will be another great year of learning and growing in Renton Schools. 

Please continue to visit our website for important and interesting information about our students and schools, and please stop and talk with me as I visit schools and attend school and community events throughout the district.  I value the chance to hear your ideas and impressions of our work and your suggestions for how we might improve.

Dr. Merri Rieger

Superintendent, Renton School District

 Launching Learning to Last a Lifetime