Learning and Teaching


To be admitted to kindergarten, the state law requires a child must be five years of age by August 31 of that school year.  At the time of registration, a copy of the child’s birth certificate must be presented.  In addition, children must have all required immunizations before school starts.

Traditional Half-Day Kindergarten
Starting times for half-day kindergarten vary depending on the school your child will attend.  If you have questions, please call your school.  Half-day sessions are approximately two hours and 40 minutes in length.

Integrated Kindergarten
Integrated kindergarten supports students, with and without special education needs, in a typical kindergarten setting.  These classrooms can be full-day or half-day, depending on the school site.  The teacher in an integrated kindergarten classroom has special education endorsement.  Since the enrollment is smaller than in other kindergarten classrooms, the teacher is able to provide individual support to some while focusing on the needs of all students. 

Tuition Based Full-Day Kindergarten
Tuition based full-day kindergarten is an optional program supported by tuition paid by the families.  This program uses the same curriculum and addresses the same grade level expectations as the traditional half-day kindergarten.  The extended class time allows for enrichment of the core curriculum.  Full-day kindergarten is offered at eight elementary schools: Benson Hill, Bryn Mawr, Cascade, Hazelwood, Kennydale, Maplewood Heights, Sierra Heights, and Talbot Hill. The fee for full-day kindergarten is $285 per month with a $75 deposit required to reserve a spot. 

State Funded Full-Day
Four of our elementary schools offer free full-day kindergarten to students who live in the school boundary area and who qualify for free and reduced lunch.  These elementary schools are Campbell Hill, Lakeridge, Renton Park and Tiffany Park.