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Renton Teacher Academy - Careers in Education

Renton High School


The Renton Teacher Academy was established as the result of a collaborative effort between Renton School District, Central Washington University (CWU), and the Professional Educator Standards Board.  This is a model program aimed at recruiting and supporting students of color in becoming high quality educators in high need content areas: science, technology, mathematics, English as a Second Language, and special education.  Renton Teacher Academy students attend a summer component, consisting of visiting several community and four-year colleges, tutoring young children, and undergoing teacher training from CWU professors. 

During the school year students take the yearlong college-aligned Careers in Education course, providing them an opportunity to earn five CWU college credits.  In this course students learn how to plan lessons, deliver high-yield instruction, and facilitate effective classroom management.  Renton Teacher Academy students apply their knowledge in classroom internships and are guided by a mentor teacher, ending with over 40 hours of practicum experience.  High school and higher education planning and support are essential to the success of the program which is evidenced by the 100% on-time high school graduation rate and 90% higher education enrollment for program students.


Contact for additional information:


Jay Leviton

Director, Career and Technical Education

Renton School District



Carla Smith

Instructor-Careers in Education

Renton High School



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